Quarterly Report – July 2021

The domestic market continues to be quite strong with good demand mostly for the OCC grades, and so prices remain stable at high levels. Asia is also offering quite healthy demand and high prices, but there are huge problems with the availability of vessels and containers. Freight prices to Asia are increasing but the real issue is this lack of availability. It is proving really difficult to confirm booking dates with customers because shipping companies are changing schedules and cancelling sailings on a regular basis. In the end, most of the production has to be sold locally, regardless of export prices.

Paper mills are experiencing very good order books but our production and supply levels are rather limited.

Deinking grades are in a similar situation. Export volumes are minimal but domestic demand is quite strong owing to low supply. There have been some exports to other European countries but with extremely high logistics costs.

Regarding white grades, the market has been very stable for many months, with only slight price increases but good general demand and empty warehouses. Production by printers is really low and home working owing to COVID seems to be reducing overall recovered volumes.

Francisco J. Donoso - Francisco J. Donoso (Spain)

Francisco J. Donoso

ALBA Servicios Verdes S.L. (ESP)

Quarterly Report – July 2021