n° 173 – July 2021

Hello friends,

First of all, I wish to extend my sincere thanks to the BIR Executive Committee, the Non-Ferrous Metals Division board, the BIR Secretariat and the membership for giving me a warm welcome as the new President of the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division.

My association with BIR started about 20 years ago in Monte-Carlo when I attended one of its Spring Conventions for the first time. Today, I can say with confidence and conviction that a large part of my professional identity is owed to this great institution. The knowledge and experience I have gained over these years at BIR have really transformed me as a person. I know that my predecessors on the Non-Ferrous Metals Division board were incredible leaders who have set the bar really high. I promise you that, along with my colleagues on the current board, it will be our endeavour to keep working hard and to continue serving in the best interests of BIR and of its membership.

Our 19-strong Non-Ferrous Metals Division board is one of the biggest I can recall. We have representation and therefore trading input from all the major business regions of the world. Through our Mirror reporting, we remain committed to bringing you all the relevant market information from across our regional spread to help you to make better decisions.

I also take this opportunity to welcome Paul Coyte and Alejandro Jaramillo as, respectively, Senior Vice President and Vice President of this board. In addition, Natallia Zholud will now be serving as our Division’s General Delegate. I am really delighted to be working alongside such a fantastic team and I look forward to achieving some great work.

While trade volumes in our industry have recovered and industrial activity in most countries seems to be gaining traction, there are issues relating to proposed import/export policies for scrap metals which are causing concern among stakeholders. Following on from China and Indonesia, Malaysia is proposing to implement a new set of guidelines for imports of all scrap metals. It would require a major overhaul of processes, documentary procedures and compliances in order to see business through. Similarly, the European Commission’s proposed Green Deal could potentially create a major stumbling block for our industry as it advocates restricting scrap exports in a bid to address climate change and protect raw materials for domestic industries.

Already challenged by container logistics mayhem, price volatility and uncertainties over the spread of COVID, we have arrived at a very anxious and challenging moment. Let us hope that the spirit of free and fair trade is upheld.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in person soon.  

Dhawal Shah - Dhawal Shah (India)

Dhawal Shah

Metco Marketing (IND) PVT Ltd, President of the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division

n° 173 – July 2021