n° 168 – September/October 2020

The China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch (CMRA) has developed foreign supplier and domestic consignee qualification certification in order to ensure the quality of raw materials, to strengthen industry self-discipline and to promote the development in China of a high-quality non-ferrous metals recycling industry. The CMRA intends to co-operate with third-party professional organizations to develop this certification work for foreign suppliers of recycled copper and aluminium raw materials and domestic consignees.

It is important to note that the qualification certification of foreign suppliers and domestic consignees is not mandatory; companies can apply for it voluntarily. Whether qualification certification has been obtained or not, this will not affect the business of importing recycled copper and aluminium raw materials.

Foreign suppliers are asked to fill in Annex 2 and Annex 10 of the CMRA notice, and prepare relevant documents according to the list in Annex 2. Relevant guidance documents for foreign suppliers refer to external documents (conventions, catalogues, standards, etc.) as well as systems for: incoming and outgoing inspection; non-conforming product control and disposal; instrument measurement and calibration; and employee training.

As stated, application is voluntary and certification is free, but with on-site inspectors’ travel, board and lodging expenses to be borne by the applicant. The application period has been extended to December 31 2020. Companies should submit relevant application materials before this deadline to the Qualification Accreditation Office, which will then conduct an on-demand review.

Qualified overseas suppliers can receive priority pre-shipment inspection. The list of qualified overseas suppliers and domestic consignees will be recorded with the China General Administration of Customs, and the company’s local customs will be notified to provide priority and convenient cargo clearance.

Ma Hongchang - Ma Hongchang ()

Ma Hongchang

Regional recycling expert (CHN), provides BIR with a regular update on policy and regulatory developments in China. The following is based on his latest report.


n° 168 – September/October 2020