n° 160 – April/May 2019

The global recycling trade has always been constantly shifting - but never at the speed seen in recent decades. Sometimes, we are having to deal with headwinds and tailwinds at the same time.

Since China began to close her doors to mixed metals imports two years ago during our Hong Kong Convention, the export trend has been moving in favour of the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. However, China still plays a vital role in the recycling trade; most of the non-ferrous metals from mixed metal processing still end up in China, together with the Belt and Road Initiative targeting the infrastructure in the corridor from South East Asia to Eastern Africa.

We have invited two great speakers to our meeting at the upcoming BIR Singapore Convention: Thomas McMahon, a 30-year veteran in commodity trading, and Henry Van of CRU Group will bring us their perspectives on commodity futures and economic developments among South East Asian countries. We have also invited Wei Liu of the CMRA who will update us on the new non-ferrous scrap import policy to be introduced in China. In addition, Mr Liu will offer us an inside track on the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on this region.

Ahead of meeting up in Singapore, I must emphasise once again that, as an organisation of quality, we would expect all participants to register to attend the Convention. Please bear in mind that those who come along to the Convention venue but do not register are taking advantage of us.

Have a safe journey and see you in Singapore.

David Chiao - David Chiao (United States)

David Chiao

Uni-All Group Ltd (USA), President of the Non-Ferrous Metals Division

United States
n° 160 – April/May 2019