Quarterly Report – February 2021

Who would have thought we’d still be discussing COVID one year on. Our industry was designated as “essential” but the reality is that we always have been, and will remain, vital because that’s what recycling is: an everlasting cycle. 

Huge amounts of stimulus have been pumped into every economy one way or another and this has had a profound effect on our industry, with demand increasing and prices soaring to over US$ 500 per tonne. I can’t predict pricing, nor will I attempt to, but the overall flow of money should have a lasting impact on our industry.

We’ve all worked harder and longer seeing as how travel has been banned or restricted, so what else are we going to do but work? We have vaccines, but it’s going to take time. Travel, conventions and seeing one another again are around the corner. Now is not the time to be careless. We still need to be vigilant. We still need to fight for our industry and the benefits we provide to the world. 

I look forward to our next Convention and hope to see you all attend as there’s so much to discuss.

Greg Schnitzer - Greg Schnitzer ()

Greg Schnitzer

President of the BIR Ferrous Division


Quarterly Report – February 2021