Quarterly Report – September 2020

The third quarter began with price reductions of over 50%, but the market has been changing every month with regard to price and quality demands. In September, for example, prices for some qualities like OCC climbed 100% from July and August levels. 

Demand has been very limited as special qualities with additional value were not in great demand; prices have not respected quality and sales options have existed only with lower grade price levels.

The automotive industry is slowly improving after the big spring storm but now everybody is wondering what will happen this autumn.

In the Czech Republic, COVID-19 was kept largely under control in the spring but now more than 2000 new cases are emerging every day - a high figure for a country with 10 million people. Such numbers could lead to a renewed slowing of a Czech industry that mainly supplies to Western Europe, and new price reductions with extended delivery times are already being seen.

Martin Šoth - Martin Šoth (Czech Republic)

Martin Šoth

Pieringer zužitkování odpadu s.r.o. (CZE)

Czech Republic
Quarterly Report – September 2020