Quarterly Report – July 2020

The Northern European market for OCC improved in April for the first time since the summer of 2017. But after strong upward movements in the middle of the second quarter, OCC prices have now started to fall as the COVID-19 virus is affecting demand as well as collections. Mixed paper has been following the OCC market during this period.

Elsewhere, there was increased demand from tissue mills in April whereas order volumes were reduced for newsprint producers. Prices increased for both deinking and woodfree grades at the beginning of the second quarter and then stabilized. There has been weaker demand from insulation producers owing to the low season in the summer.

These unstable OCC market conditions appear set to continue and prices might decrease in the coming months. Graphic material is also under pressure but prices will most likely remain stable.

Martin Leander - Martin Leander (Scandinavia)

Martin Leander

Stena Recycling (SWE)

Quarterly Report – July 2020