Quarterly Report – September/October 2019

The region’s market for corrugated cardboard went down during the third quarter. Prices are normally stable in the summer but prices declined this time in Scandinavia owing to basic economics: too much material available and too little demand from the paper industry.

Good demand for finished products has been limiting further price reductions but, over the last couple of months, there have been increasing signs of a downturn in the finished product market.

Mixed paper has not followed the same pattern as OCC, and the market has remained more or less stable in Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian deinking market was weak during the third quarter. Low utilization rates and high stock levels for several newsprint mills in Europe led to an oversupply of recovered paper in the Scandinavian market. The 1.11 market was under pressure during the third quarter and the same applied to pulp substitute grades as prices have been pushed down by low demand together with declining pulp values.

Martin Leander - Martin Leander (Scandinavia)

Martin Leander

Stena Recycling (SWE)

Quarterly Report – September/October 2019