Quarterly Report – July 2019

The Northern European market for corrugated cardboard was unstable and unpredictable in the second quarter of this year, with mills remaining well-supplied. The Asian market continues to decline and there appear to be no business opportunities from Scandinavian ports.

OCC prices fell by 11% whereas mixed paper did not follow the same trend and remained stable in Scandinavia, with demand greater than for OCC. Indeed, there were reports in Continental Europe of higher prices for mixed than for OCC.

The newsprint market remains under pressure in Scandinavia with low production rates. Conversely, the tissue segment is demanding healthy volumes and is working to a high capacity utilisation rate. Major players in the Scandinavian printing market are consolidating their businesses and closing down several printing houses.

In the second quarter, Scandinavian newsprint consumption decreased by 18% when compared to the same period last year. Deinking grades were down 10%, the woodfree grades down 15% and pulp substitutes down 25%.

Martin Leander - Martin Leander (Scandinavia)

Martin Leander

Stena Recycling (SWE)

Quarterly Report – July 2019