Quarterly Report – April/May 2019

Since last year, prices have been very stable and no huge changes are anticipated during 2019 - except perhaps for one-off deviations of around 5-10%, mainly in deinking.

The performance of the automotive industry affects recovered paper as well as other commodities, leading to a decrease in paper mills’ orders. Some mills have even planned their shutdowns very early, with production generally booked for the next couple of months, mainly for OCC.

Also damaging the market situation is the fact that paper mills have been maintaining full stocks for the last year since China fully applied its ban. As a result, many recovered paper collectors in the Czech Republic have been searching for alternative outlets but paper mills elsewhere are full of domestic material or volume from overseas, with the result that only limited volumes are being exported from here.

Paper collectors in the Czech and Slovak markets are also indicating that supermarkets which used to supply them are selling direct to paper mills because they are now able to prepare qualities according to the mills’ requirements.

Martin Šoth - Martin Šoth (Czech Republic)

Martin Šoth

Pieringer zužitkování odpadu s.r.o. (CZE)

Czech Republic
Quarterly Report – April/May 2019