Quarterly Report – February 2021

In the last two months, there have been some significant changes in the plastics scrap market. LDPE granules are in high demand and prices have increased by 25-30%, mainly as a result of higher shipping costs, while Chinese customs inspections have become stricter and most containers are now being checked prior to being allowed into the country.

The new Basel Convention amendments have also complicated the import/export of plastics scrap. Many companies are waiting to see how the situation develops, and so less plastics scrap is being traded in the interim. This could soon become a major issue and plastics scrap might not have a recycling solution.

On the domestic market, the industry is working at full capacity. There is a good demand for granules, also for PET and HDPE. However, PET prices remain lower than they were in early 2020 and there are still decreasing prices and demand for PP. Greater interest is being shown in PS regrind.

Andrei Mihai Sofian - Andrei Mihai Sofian (Romania)

Andrei Mihai Sofian

Rematholding CO. SRL. (ROU), Young Trader Representative to the BIR Plastics Committee

Quarterly Report – February 2021