September 2020

The plastics recycling market remains under great pressure as it faces a new dilemma: China plans to issue new restrictions to control imports of plastic scrap, including granules. Owing to the current uncertainty, most factories in China have asked their suppliers to delay deliveries indefinitely. Consequently, European sales of granules into the Chinese market have stopped for the moment.

At the same time, traders are trying to find new markets in which to sell their products. India has increased its capacity for imports in recent years and looks likely to become a large player in this field. In comparison to China, however, the quality of granules purchased by India has to be much higher, and some types - such as coloured and black - are not suitable for customers in that country.

Meanwhile, other types of plastic - such as PET, HDPE and LLDPE - can be sold without any problem.

Recycling companies in Romania have invested substantially in latest technology in their bid to find new solutions for plastics that are not sought after in the marketplace, such as PP, ABS and PC. With a view to reducing the necessity of exporting LDPE granules, foil-making machines are being acquired at a very rapid rate. In addition, more injection moulding equipment is being bought.

Andrei Mihai Sofian - Andrei Mihai Sofian (Romania)

Andrei Mihai Sofian

Rematholding CO. SRL. (ROU), Young Trader Representative to the BIR Plastics Committee

September 2020