April/May 2020

The global economy has been hit hard by the Coronavirus; while some sectors are performing well during the crisis, others - including the plastics recycling sector - are suffering as a result of it. Most recyclers are in a very difficult position because the price of oil has never been so low and virgin material is costing less than recycled material.

The export market is dormant and the automotive sector is on short-time working, so recyclers are under pressure when it comes to selling their materials.

The hope must be that a vaccine against the Coronavirus is found quickly and that the economy makes a rapid recovery.


Stephanie Kötter-Gribbe  - Stephanie Kötter-Gribbe  (Germany)

Stephanie Kötter-Gribbe

Best Plastic Management GmbH (DEU), Board Member of the BIR Plastics Committee

April/May 2020