n° 169 – December 2020

Currently, non-ferrous metals demand is really strong. Domestic factories need raw materials to run their mills and plants but all kinds of metals are in short supply. There has not been a return to pre-COVID volumes owing to a lack of collections in winter and also increasing shipping line problems.

Pakistan imports all kinds of non-ferrous scrap requiring dismantling and processing. These materials are supplied to domestic manufacturing units and melted into copper and aluminium ingots for exportation mainly to China.

With the first COVID-19 vaccine now being administered in the UK and accessible in other countries too, it is to be hoped that 2021 will mean safer and healthier lives for everyone.

Aamir Malik - Aamir Malik (Pakistan)

Aamir Malik

A.B.M. Corporation (PAK), Board Member of the BIR Non-Ferrous Metals Division

n° 169 – December 2020